Snapied Licensing Agreement

Snapied licensing guide
Licensing Guidelines

By purchasing, downloading and using Snapied templates and services you are being granted a license to use the files for specific uses under certain conditions.

What you can do

You may modify the resources according to your requirements and use them royalty free in any or all of your personal and commercial projects. For example, you may use a design/template for your social media channels or if you will be designing for a client.

Snapied will not be responsible for any outcome that may occur during the course of usage of our resources. You are free to use our resources however you please, without attribution or linking.

What you CANNOT do

  • You cannot use Snapied products or services for redistribution, reselling, leasing, licensing, or sub-licensing;
  • Use templates for free download on a shared drive, service, software or website for the purpose of exchanging, transferring or distributing files;
  • Use copyrighted fonts in the Custom Fonts option;
  • Use templates or services for spam or mass mailings;
  • Use Templates or services in a way that competes with Snapied’s business;
  • Using Templates which may be considered offensive (e.g., related to mental and physical deficits, sexual or implied sexual activity or preferences, crime, physical or mental abuse or ailments);
  • Use Templates or services for pornographic, illegal or immoral purposes;
  • Use Templates for advertisement or promotion of tobacco or alcohol products;

Any forbidden use of the Templates shall be considered copyright infringement. You shall be liable for all damages caused by copyright infringement, including any claims made by a third party.