How to invite team members to your Snapied workspace?

How to invite team members to your Snapied workspace?

Invite your team members to create collaborative designs, or share your designs for feedback. We can create great designs when team members collaborate on a shared vision & goal.

You can invite your team members as

Admin: Can invite & manage new users

Collaborator: Can add & edit content

Viewer: It will be part of our next release.

Snapied adding team members

Here are the steps to create a workspace in Snapied

  • Select your profile icon
  • Under that select ‘’workspace management’’
  • Select ‘’+Invite Member’’
  • Invite a new member via email
  • Invite them as an Admin (The Admin can invite & manage new users)
  • Or Invite them as a collaborator (can add and edit content)
  • Once the person accepts your invitation, they are part of your team.

As of now, a member can create unlimited workspaces with unlimited members in the pro plan!

Happy creating 😊

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