Release 2.0.3

Snapied v2.0.3 release
Release Notes

18 June 2022

What’s New?

1: Converting a user-created design into a template or vice-versa

This feature allows you to convert your created design into a template and vice-versa.

Follow the below steps to convert a design into a template:

1: Go to my designs

2: Click the 3 vertical dot icon and then click on “Convert to a template”

3: This will immediately convert the design into a template and your design will be moved to the “Templates -> My templates” page.

4: In this release, we have added one new tab “My templates” in the editor -> Templates.

5: Updating a template will create a new design and be saved on your “My designs” page.

Release 2.0.3

What are the advantages of templates?

Some of the advantages of template designs are:

01. Easy & Convenient To Use

02. Provide Design Ideas

03. Template Designs Are Cost-Effective

04. Reduce Rework Time Duration

06. Help you achieve good design if you are new to designing.

07. Improve our work efficiency

2: Added 100+ new templates this week.

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