Getting Started

How can I set up a private bank or folder of images and templates within Snapied for my team’s exclusive access?

You have control over who can see your folders or even designs. If you’re looking to control your folder’s visibility, Snapied has you covered. You can create a personal or team visibility, or set up your workplace visibility. With Snapied, you can keep your designs under control. Snapied supports 3 levels of control visibilities: 1: […]

Getting Started

Is it possible to create multiple variations of the same design in different sizes within a single template using Snapied?

With Snapied, you have the ability to create a single design in various sizes within a single template. This means that you can easily create variations of the same design to fit different platforms, such as a square post, a vertical story post, and a YouTube cover, all within the same file. This eliminates the […]

Getting Started Workspaces

Why is it that every user I invite for collaboration is on the starter plan with only 1 background removal?

When you invite a user to collaborate in your design workspace, they are given access to your workspace as a collaborator. In addition to your workspace, the invited user also has their own design workspace which is on the free plan. The invited user can switch between the two workspaces using the dashboard header (Ref. […]